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Family Law

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Family Law

At Boshoff Smuts we specialize in divorces as part of our family law practice representing clients in divorce actions (including customary law divorces), settlements and mediation. We furthermore specialize in specific niche family law matters, including access to children and protecting children’s rights, welfare matters and domestic violence. We assist unmarried parents to obtain primary residence or contact rights for their minor children. We are also involved with and assist unmarried parents in drafting and registering of parenting plans.

We regularly appear on behalf of clients in the dedicated Children’s Court as well as in both the Magistrate-, District- and High Courts.

We believe in achieving the best outcome and solution for our clients in protecting our clients’ rights, always keeping the best interest of the minor child in mind. Our family law department is dedicated to assist all clients to obtain what they are entitled to. We pride ourselves in being efficient, accurate and professional, assisting minor children (and adults) with emotional issues accompanying such matters.

Our service include the assistance of a dedicated team of professionals, including private social workers, registered mediators and psychologists and other specialists, specialising in attachment therapy, play therapy, divorce counselling, parental guidance and teenage therapy.

We also assist clients in the drafting and registering of ante-nuptial contracts and other proprietary matters.