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Litigation has been the back bone of Boshoff Smuts since its inception. We remain as passionate and diligent in litigation as when we started, only now with even more experience and expertise.

We litigate in all Courts of South Africa and institute and defend all civil, commercial and related matters ranging from financial disputes, contractual disputes, property law, consumer law and the Consumer Protection Act, credit law and the National Credit Act, debt collection, divorces and family law, defamation and the infringement of rights, neighbourly disputes, administrative law, mining and environmental law and much more.

Our litigation department holds hands with other departments providing a holistic approach to any litigious problem and utilises all expertise in our firm to provide our clients with the best practical advice and goal orientated outcome.

Boshoff Smuts, above all, is a well-oiled litigation machine, always thinking of the bigger picture and what’s best for our clients. Litigation is about winning and we do win.